What is the Allyson Whitney Foundation?

Saturday, January 18, 2014
By, Barbara

The Allyson Whitney Foundation was founded in January 2012, in love and memory of Allyson Whitney Strong. Ally was 25 years young and beautiful. She had just graduated with her Masters in Speech Pathology from CW Post, after attending St Johns University for her undergraduate degree. Her career and life planned, when out of nowhere she was struck with a very rare and aggressive cancer. She never made it to her first day of work. Her world, her friends and family’s world had turned upside down and all were plunged into the cancer world. We traveled in and out of the country to fight this, but Ally lost her battle in 14 short months.

Ally had small cell cancer which reared itself in her cervix. Only about 1% of women with a cervical cancer will be diagnosed with this. She was pure textbook, in the respect that most ob/gyn’s read about, but never see a patient with this disease. It is not HPV related, it is not slow growing and it does not have prior symptoms, cause unknown. What we did know, it is was aggressive with a very poor prognosis, survival rate did not exceed 5 years. It’s bad enough to have a cancer diagnosis, but then to be told the stats of a rare cancer, where do you turn? What do you do? “Hope”, she said. Our mission is to spread awareness for young adults, an underserved demographic, as well as, to shine light to the rare cancer community. According to NCI, 50% of people diagnosed with cancer are diagnosed with a rare form of the disease. Rare cancers have no protocol. Ally wanted everyone to realize this can happen to anyone, at any time. Her pursuit is now our reality…

What we do- We give ‘life interrupted’ patient grants for young adults with rare cancers. Our grants open 2 to 3 times a year, depending on finances. Eligibility for grants is, a patient undergoing treatment or finished protocol within 6 months, ages can range between 15- 35 and be a US citizen. We grant help for IVF treatments, rent, medical bills, and travel expenses. We get it, we understand the hardship. Our grant committee verifies our recipients, to assure our donation money is properly distributed. More information contact grants@allysonwhitney.org  Our other initiatives include, 10% of proceeds goes to research at MD Anderson Cancer Center. We also work with Delete Blood Cancer at our events to swab for potential bone marrow donors to be placed on the National Registry.

Our major fundraiser is a 5k race/walk held in Kauneonga Lake (located near the original Woodstock Festival) in New York, Saturday on Mother’s Day weekend. You can join us there or join/create a team on from anywhere in the country! We welcome any grassroots fundraisers to take place for us at any time throughout the year, around the country, contact us for any information and help getting organized at info@allysonwhitney.org

Our Logo ™ :

The circular sphere represents that rare cancer is a global issue, with no outline and no boundaries to seeking hope. The multi-color bands are symbolic of different cancers and the intertwining colors demonstrate that we are banding together to help patients.


At this time we are all volunteers, 100% of proceeds of money raised goes directly to fund our mission.

“Man can live about forty days without food, about three days without water, about eight minutes without air, but only for one second without hope.”

Join us at Team Ally to help us, help others.

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