What is The 2nd Basemen?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
By, Mara Gorden
The 2nd Basemen, Inc. was founded by Dusty Showers and Mara Gorden in September 2011. Dusty has been fighting breast cancer in unusual ways for the past seven years wearing his signature pink bra and cowboy hat. Dusty was inspired by the battle of his daughter’s grandmother and mother. Dusty is the father of two daughters and hopes that he never has to hear the words “Dad, I have breast cancer”.
Along the way, Dusty met Mara Gorden. Mara, inspired by a friend’s sudden diagnosis of stage 4 breast cancer at a young age was motivated to make a difference in the fight against breast cancer. Initially connecting with Dusty via Facebook, the two became fast friends. The week after meeting Dusty at a breast cancer event in Boston, Mara found herself on the other side of the diagnosis when her first mammogram revealed an abnormality which was later determined to be breast cancer. Dusty supported Mara on her journey as he has supported so many other women battling the disease. The two are a dynamic duo that share the same passion for helping those impacted by breast cancer and their families and raising awareness about this dreadful disease.
The mission of The 2nd Basemen, Inc. is to enrich the lives of women and men diagnosed with breast cancer and their families. We raise money so that we can provide financial assistance for medical bills, family bills and enrichment. The 2nd Basemen, Inc. directly impacts the lives of individuals diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.Since incorporating in late 2011, The 2nd Basemen have already had an impact on the lives of breast cancer survivors. A few examples include surprising one family with Christmas presents including clothes and new bikes for the kids in December and providing a grant to a survivor who without our help was facing paying for treatment for her recurrence or homelessness.In April 2012, The 2nd Basemen team competed in Red Bull’s Candola event by building a floating bra boat and rowing it down the river in Ft. Lauderdale. The team took home The People’s Choice Award which just reinforces for us that the community is behind what we do. To watch our video from the event, click here.Moving forward, The 2nd Basemen team is working to form partnerships with organizations and companies that will allow us to reach as many people as possible who are fighting this disease. We will continue to participate in events that are “unusual” because we want people to stop, look, stare, and ask us why. A recent example of an “unusual partnership” that we developed is the following video which was put together for us by Randall who narrated the Original Natya** Honeybadger video because we al know Honey Badger Hates Breast cancer. To view this awesome video please click here and make sure to help us spread the word! Upcoming events can be found on our calendar.

Please visit www.the2ndbasemen.org for more information.  To support the work of The 2nd Basemen, please shop our online store at www.thebraguy.com.
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