What is Single Jingles?

Monday, October 15, 2012
By, Matt Ferstler
Why we were formed:

On January, 23 2009, at age 21, Matt Ferstler was diagnosed with testicular cancer. During the recovery process, Matt realized how little he even knew about testicular cancer, especially before he was diagnosed. He became extremely motivated and wanted to change this. He wanted men to become well informed about testicular cancer and just 9 months after being diagnosed with testicular cancer, Matt founded the “Single Jingles” Testicular Cancer Foundation, a federally registered 501(c)3 non-profit.

What we do:

“Single Jingles” is devoted to providing men ages 15-35 with the materials to be proactive about testicular cancer. We have shower cards, educational brochures, and an extensive informative website. Proper examination should not be a sensitive topic between young men. For young men the best way to increase your chances of surviving Testicular Cancer is by detecting it as early as possible. That’s why we recommend men ages 15-35 to check themselves at least once a month.

A sum of 2010:

2010 was our building year! We received our 501(c)3 in June and hit the ground running. In October we began to brand “Single Jingles” and create a campaign in which men would receive proper health information. “Single Jingles” came up with the “Man Up Check’ Em” campaign which calls all men to “Man Up” and check themselves. We will launch this campaign in early 2011. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you need support!

Our ultimate goal is that by the year 2016 most young adult men will know the importance of self-exams, early detection and be openly talking about testicular cancer.


Matt Ferstler
Single Jingles, A Testicular Cancer Foundation

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