What is F*CANCER?

Monday, October 15, 2012
By, Yael Cohen

When Yael Cohen’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, she decided to do things a little differently than most people, and set her sights toward something that would become bigger than she ever anticipated. She was determined to make an impact on how our society deals with cancer, and took a risk by starting a unique and inspirational charity called FCancer. Because of her courage, inspirational attitude, and incredible passion toward her cause, she was bound to create something that stood out from the crowd, and standing out is exactly what FCancer has done. The charity raises funds to promote early detection. Because finding her mother’s cancer early was the key to curing it, Yael has made it her mission to help ensure that everyone knows a very important statistic that 90% of cancers are curable if caught in stage one. She feels passionately about spreading this important message, because there’s no time like the present to start the life-saving dialogue around early detection.

While so many important charities are focused on finding a cure, FCancer decided to take a different approach. FCancer is the first “Generation Y” initiated and social media-powered movement that aims to educate people on crucial early warning signs of cancer and inspire them to spread the word to loved ones who may be at risk.FC’s mission is to activate Generation Y to engage with their parents about early detection of cancer, and encourage them to stay on top of their regular cancer screeningsBy becoming advocates for their parents’ health, Gen Y will simultaneously be educating themselves and internalizing our message that early detection, ensuring their continued vigilance as they get older and move into the higher risk demographic. Early detection really is the best cure for cancer right now.

FCancer has experienced amazing growth and support in the last year; supporters have been raising their voices to tell the world about our mission, which has been both inspirational and moving to witness. The social media front has seen a huge increase in numbers, and we’ve had the opportunity to celebrate amazing milestones with our friends and fans. We’ve shared laughter and tears with those who have reached out to the charity with their personal stories, a truly amazing experience. Watching strangers connect with FCancer on such a personal level has only confirmed that what Yael set out to do is making a huge impact on those who have been touched by cancer.

FCancer kicked off the month of September by renaming it F-tember, and with the help of a freshly designed facebook application, our supporters generously donated their twitter and facebook status updates to FCancer each day of the month. The updates were 140 characters of fun, educating at the same time as they entertained. The updates reached over 140,000 individuals, helping to further the goal of awareness about early detection.

We were so excited to have a presence at New York’s Fashion’s Night Out 2010, the FCancer team took to the streets with a swarm of happy helpers wearing their FC tees and ready to spread the word. Armed with a handout and philanthropic spirit, each volunteer made it their mission to shout the FCancer message from the rooftops, and the reception was incredible. Hugs, high fives, tears and laughter met the team as they walked the crowded streets together to represent the charity.

With all of that, plus some amazing independent events coordinated by generous independent individuals, FCancer couldn’t be happier with what has come out of 2010. We are overjoyed to have such amazing support and encouragement for the cause, and will continue to spread our message about the importance of early detection.

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