What is Cuck Fancer.?

Sunday, February 9, 2014
By, Ben Teller

Cuck Fancer. is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness of the unique situation that young adults face after being diagnosed with cancer. Children have their parents to advocate for them and adults may already have their own nuclear families. Young adults are in limbo between deciding whether to move home or be independent. There is a lack of resources for this age group. Young adults with cancer often have difficulty with insurance, paying bills, caring for themselves, while they also try to go attend college or maintain their first job. It is Cuck Fancer.’s goal to contribute anything necessary so that young adults can get their feet back on the ground: Rent, tuition, school supplies, car payments or medical bills.

Founder, Ben Teller, is 24 years old and a three-time cancer survivor. Being diagnosed for the first time at 18, he dealt first hand with difficulties of trying to be a college student and fight cancer, at the same time. He created a bright green bracelet to wear that displayed “Cuck Fancer.” a constant reminder to stay positive. The organization has grown from there and continues to grow through community support.

Due to our success thus far we have been able to directly impact the lives of eight young adults. Last year we presented our first ever “Cuck It Grant.” Young adults affected by cancer were invited to apply for a $1,500 grant given out by Cuck Fancer. We chose eight amazing young adults who have taken their situation and done everything they can to stay positive. They have truly inspired our organization and serve as amazing examples to the cancer community, proving that it is possible to cuck fancer.

We hope to be able to present our second annual “Cuck It Grant” this year. At the end of last year we threw a “mo-cuckin-vember” contest to support “Movember.” We had a group of great men (and one woman!) that grew out a mustache to raise awareness for men’s health and prostate and testicular cancer. The support of the community was overwhelmingly positive.

In April, we will be hosting our third annual Cuck Fancer. week at the UC Irvine campus. The week includes a volleyball tournament with the students, a social media contest and a swabbing sponsored by Be The Match. We use the week to educate the students at UC Irvine and give them an opportunity to be proactive by swabbing themselves into the bone marrow registry. At our first swabbing we had three PERFECT matches that resulted in three lives saved. We have encouraged a total of 332 people on the campus to be added to registry and we are excited to see how many people on the campus will come by this year.

The future of Cuck Fancer. is bright and filled with possibilities. We continue to grow events that have proven effective and look for new opportunities to spread awareness. It is the support of the community that keeps us going allowing us to support the young adult cancer community.

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