What is Bag it?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
By, Sherri Romanoski
BAG IT is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization and is designed to assist anyone with any type of cancer.   It was designed by cancer survivors.

Need some great information to help you “Fight the Fear” of cancer? BAG IT is for you! Whether you want the information for yourself or someone you care about, BAG IT is designed to give you some awesome information and navigation tools to help cope with diagnosis and treatment, empower you to become a part of the treatment team, and transition to follow up care.

In Arizona, newly diagnosed cancer patients receive the BAG IT canvas bag of information and materials from their doctor.   Surgeons, oncologists, and nurses offer bags to patients on their first visit at offices, hospitals, or clinics – at no charge! People outside Arizona can order BAG IT online at our website for a donation of $30 to cover our cost and shipping. 


BAG IT has helped 40,000 people with cancer since 2003.   Surveys report that people find the program to be highly successful for helping them cope and feel more in control of their cancer.


Quotes from people who have used BAG IT:

“The information I received in Bag It was extremely useful because it answered a lot of my questions and helped me understand more about cancer and what to expect.”


“I really appreciate all the information and the notebook has really helped for me to organize and I have had nurses view my notes which helped them.”


“It was wonderful to go into treatment prepared.”


“I feel like there is hope and I will get through this! The information in this bag is excellent! I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Up Coming event:  ESCAPE – Encouraging and Sustaining Cancer Advocacy Programs and Efforts Leadership Conference, August 23-27, 2012 at Miraval in Tucson, Arizona.

ESCAPE is a leadership conference offered by BAG IT for cancer advocates across the country. It offers advocates information to grow and sustain their cancer programs and efforts, networking opportunities on a national level, and skills to help advocates prevent burnout. Visit details about our conference.  Applications are being accepted through June 30.


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