What is Always Keep Pedaling Foundation (AKP Foundation)?

Wednesday, October 10, 2012
By, Jon Wilson
The President and Founder of The AKP Foundation , Jon Wilson, is a cancer survivor who lost his leg to sarcoma in 2006. After chemotheraphy, a second surgery, and radiation, he was given a clean bill of health. Jon attributed his recovery to his amazing doctors and the challenging physical activity he engaged in while battling the disease. Only a few weeks after his amputation, Jon got on a bike and he has continued to challenge himself ever since.
Jon was fortunate enough to have people in his life to assist with purchasing a bike and a bike and adaptive ski equipment, but he also understood that not all cancer survivors and fighters have such financial support.  The mission of the AKP Foundation is to provide young adults in financial need with the means to use adventure sports, athletics, and adaptive sports to energize a comeback from cancer. In 2011 AKP worked closely with recipients to design their goals so they could challenged themselves physically. AKP assisted grant recipients by sending them skydiving or getting them instruction in a challenging physical activity of their choice, and by purchasing adventure and adaptive sports equipment. In 2012 AKP hopes to make more grants to a more diverse pool of applicants.
AKP will also hold its second annual Ski Retreat at Stratton Mountain in the last weekend in March. Last winter, ten young cancer survivors and fighters united for a ski weekend at Stratton Mountain in Vermont. Participants of all ski levels connected over their passion for powder. Applications for the 2012 retreat will be closed on 1/21 but can be found at www.akpfoundation.org. Cancer survivors and fighters can apply anytime for a grant and encouraged to follow us on Facebook.
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