What is Alive And Kickin?

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
By, Dave Dubin

AliveAndKickn’s mission is to increase awareness and prevention of colorectal cancer and increase early detection through screening and genetic testing.  Statistically, colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer, first among non-smokers.  Statistically, soccer is the largest youth sport being played today.  Statistically, barely half of all people who should get screened for colon cancer actually do so.  Statistically, almost as many women die of colon cancer as men.  Most colon cancer is preventable or curable with early detection and regular screening.  AliveAndKickn is doing something about it.  Unlike a more traditional dinner or 5k run, the AliveAndKickathon reaches more athletic, younger minded individuals, including women as well as men, making it a “kitchen table” conversation.  It also reaches younger players and multiple ethnicities, which are the group that tends to get screened too late, if at all. AliveAndKickn is an attitude, a belief that we can beat this, and even if we can’t, we’ll put up a heck of a fight.

When we have AliveAndKickathons, we share net proceeds with a local cancer center.  Depending on their individual location, funds may go to a Navigator system designed to reach certain communities that don’t get screened early or at all.  Funds may go towards a push to get more people genetically tested.

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