Featured mAssKickers

Erard de Hemricourt


We are honored to have Dr. Erard de Hemricount be the first international physician we have...
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Jasan Zimmerman

jasan zimmerman

Jasan Zimmerman is a mAss Kicker on a mission!  With a background in molecular biology and the...
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Darrell Luke Holland

luke holland2

Darrell “Luke” Holland has been “Kickin’ mAss” for quite some time...
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Raechal Leone Shewfelt


Raechal Shewfelt knows how to kick some serious mAss!  We met Raechal at a brain tumor conference...
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Nathan Post

nate post 2

Nathan Post is someone who knows how to “Kick Some Serious mAss!”  Nate has a MBA from...
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Rebecca Nellis

rebecca nellis

Rebecca Nellis is one hardworking mAss Kicker.  She is the Vice President of Programs and Strategy...
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Pat Taylor

pat taylor2a

Pat Taylor is a Canadian mAss Kicker on a mission!  Pat is the founder of Chasing Rainbows Young...
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Darren Neuberger


Darren Neuburger is another extraordinary mAss Kicker from Canada!  We have met so many cool...
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Dan Duffy

dan duffy edit

Dan Duffy is a “Kick mAss Story Teller!”  Dan has over 20 years of experience in...
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Emily Drake

emily drake2

Emily Drake is another Canadian mAss Kicker who does a lot of traveling!  She is currently the...
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Andy “X2C” Fleming


Andy “X2C” Fleming is one active mAss Kicker!  He is the alumni board chair for First...
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Ashley Myers-Turner


Ashley Myers-Turner is one creative mAss Kicker!  Her journey has lead her from Texas to New York...
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