Featured mAssKickers

Laura Bleich


Laura Bleich is a mAss Kicker promoting a proactive life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis in Northern...
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Alix Hayden


Alix is a Canadian mAssKicker hailing from Saskatoon in the beautiful Canadian Prairies! In August...
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Natalie Conforti

Natalie FD Photo

Natalie Conforti is another resilient mAss Kicker from California!  She is a three time cancer...
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Melanie Kabo

mel kabo2

Melanie Kabo is another AWESOME mAss Kicker from San Diego, CA!  We met her and her supportive...
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Angel Reynoso

angel rey

Angel Reynoso is another talented brain tumor mAss Kicker from New York. He graduated from...
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Pooja Rajani


Pooja Rajani is the latest Featured mAss Kicker from San Francisco, CA.  We met her through...
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Tanya Lamons

image1 (1)

Tanya Lamons is another spunky mAss Kicker from San Diego, CA!  We met her years ago and have...
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Greg Cantwell

IMG_0703 (1)

Greg Cantwell is a glioblastoma multiform brain cancer mAss Kicker!  Greg is very involved in the...
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Serena Cripps

serena cripps

Serena is a Canadian mAss Kicker who hails from Vancouver. Serena’s skills as an empathetic...
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Danielle Sant


Danielle Sant is the latest Featured mAss Kicker from Belgium.  We met her on our trip to Belgium...
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Stacey Callaway

FullSizeRender (9)

Stacey Callaway is our latest mAss Kicker hailing from Texas. Stacey’s passion for learning and...
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Neal El-Jor

neal photo

Neal El-Jor is a mAss Kicker with International experience!  We met Neal in San Francisco earlier...
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