Featured mAssKickers

Graham Lubinsky


Dr. Graham Lubinsky is a young brain tumor survivor turned physician.  We met Dr. Lubinsky years...
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Mallory Casperson


Mallory Casperson is another mAss Kicker who rose up and found a new path. Mallory was originally...
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Amber Gillespie

amber g1

Amber Gillespie is another mAss Kicker heavily involved in Breast Cancer advocacy in Austin, Texas....
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Ashley Piaskowski


Ashley Piaskowski is another mAss Kicker dedicated to showing the world how to thrive after an...
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Sean Lapham

sean lapham copy

Sean Lapham is another dynamic individual on the mAss Kickers Board of Directors.  We have know...
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Allison Rosen


Allison Rosen is another mAss Kicker in the world of Oncology Research.  Allison is a research...
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Hernan Sebastian Barangan


Hernan Sebastian Barangan is another creative mAss Kicker.  He is a film maker that is...
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Pieter Eichhorn PhD

piet eichhorn1

Pieter Eichhorn is another international researcher on the mAss Kickers Foundation Board of...
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Christina Soto

Christina Soto Kyoto 2 Japan 2014

Christina Soto is a globe-trotting mAssKicker! After her two battles with stage 4 Hodgkin Lymphoma...
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Lily Bones


Lily Bones is a graceful mAss Kicker from down under!  She is a classically trained ballet dancer...
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Tim Rappazzo

Rappazzo Picture

Tim Rappazzo is another athletic mAss Kicker on the front line in the fight against all forms of...
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Christabel Cheung


Christabel Cheung is another young mAss Kicker on the rise! She is currently a PhD candidate at the...
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