Featured mAssKickers

Jesse Hershkowitz


Jesse Hershkowitz is another mAss Kicker from New York!  We met Jesse in person at a conference...
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Sandy Petersen

sandy pic

Sandy Petersen is a Canadian mAss Kicker joining us from Ottawa. Sandy recently changed her job to...
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Magali Mertens de Wilmars


Magali Mertens de Wilmars is one of the first mAss Kickers/”post-treatment thrivers”...
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Katie Brown

katie brown

Katie Brown is both a lung and cervical cancer mAss Kicker!  She a cervical cancer survivor and...
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Claire Snyman

Claire Snyman square

Claire Snyman is a Canadian mAss Kicker from Australia and South Africa.  She is a brain tumour...
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Jason Morton

Family Pic

Jason Morton kicks mAss with his bike! Jason is an IT Manager at Texas Tech Health Sciences Center....
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Samantha Wright


Samantha Wright is another mAss Kicker from “Down Under.”  We connected with her...
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Douglas Carey

Doug and Lexee Kathleen and Jonathan Wedding

Douglas Carey is a very active mAss Kicker!  After years of working in the automotive industry, he...
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Lauren Kewley


Lauren Kewley is another young mAss Kicker based in San Diego California.  We met her at an event...
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Graham Lubinsky


Dr. Graham Lubinsky is a young brain tumor survivor turned physician.  We met Dr. Lubinsky years...
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Mallory Casperson


Mallory Casperson is another mAss Kicker who rose up and found a new path. Mallory was originally...
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Amber Gillespie

amber g1

Amber Gillespie is another mAss Kicker heavily involved in Breast Cancer advocacy in Austin, Texas....
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