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Wednesday, April 18, 2012
By, MassKickers
  • Abby

    I love you all so much. I tried to explain to Tim a few weeks ago that when I say Carole’s name .. each and every time I say her name .. all in a flood she fills my mind, meormies of her as a child carrying around Deloris, that silly little doll that by the time it was handed down to Wendy it didn’t have hardly any hair left, her as a teenager and being a flag girl for school, all the dancing and the practicing, the laughter, the splits, the rushing to get ready for recitals ..Then growing up and having Joshua, the first Christmas .. the second one when we found out he was deaf .. her fighting for him, fighting with doctors that wouldn’t believe he flat wasn’t hearing .. the girls, the pride in her eyes with her beautiful girls, teaching them to stand up for themselves, Dakota .. her little man, her enjoying every minute of his life, teaching the kids he is the youngest and now teaching him he doesn’t always get his way .. and it works .. and then there is Jimmie, and the way she looks at you .. Carole’s eyes are bright and full of love . . even if she does want to punch you sometimes all of that in that split second from the moment that Carole’s name starts rolling off my lips .. my heart hurts, it hurts for me but it hurts worse for Carole .. because I know how Carole is hurting for Joshua, for Chloe, for Tiffani and for Dakota .. and for you Jimmie .. she loves you all so so much and you can see it in her eyes .. her beautiful eyes full of love for you all.

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