The 2011 mAss Kickers Fundraising team

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
By, masskickers

mAss Kickers Foundation’s goals

  1. Provide unique articles and interviews useful to the newly diagnosed patient and their loved ones on our website.
  2. Promote Unity among ALL cancer/tumor types and between patients and their loved ones through a common “pugilistic” attitude.
  3. Support research through articles, events, and donations.
  4. Empower the newly diagnosed patient and their loved ones with a strategy to become proactive in their care so they feel less helpless after getting intimidating news.

PLEASE CONSIDER A DONATION TO SUPPORT mAss Kickers Foundation activities.


  • Christian

    12412c35461Excellent points. And a loevly blog (I’m new here). In addition to all that you’ve mentioned, I have two personal peeves.One deal-breaker is difficulty in posting a comment. If a blog appears to want comments but asks me to log in with only LiveJournal, WordPress, Google or Blogger to comment, if it bounces back as not authenticated because of some tricky thing I haven’t enabled or some step I’ve forgotten to do, if the captcha is impossible to read or has letters I don’t know how to find on my standard keyboard, if the wretched thing times out on me because I took too long figuring out how to identify myself, and especially if it eats my comment altogether after I’ve tried all of the above three times, I’m done.My other peeve is bloggers who appear to want contact (i.e., they have a contact form or give an email address, they have a book review or blog tour or guest post policy) and then don’t reply at all to a polite query. I guess this goes along with not responding to comments a bit. 172