The 12 Days of Kick mAss

Thursday, December 19, 2013
By, mAss Kickers Foundation


Last year we were able to educate patients and future healthcare professionals all over the world about life after an intimidating tumor/cancer diagnosis on the generosity of your donations.  HERE IS A SUMMARY OF WHAT WE DID LAST YEAR in 2013!  We were able to do presentations at colleges/universities and hospitals across the United States of America. For the first time we were able to spread our message of “post-treatment thriversip” over seas in Hawaii, Japan, and the Philippines.  In 2014, we are planning more travel to do presentations.  We already have a few venues lined up in the United States, but we would like to do more travel internationally to spread our message of “post-treatment thrivership”.

In the 12 days leading up to the end of the year (The 12 Days of “Kick-mAss”) we will be highlighting extraordinary people, articles, and organizations that embody the SPIRIT of mAss Kickers Foundation. Please visit our blog to find these unique interviews/articles starting 12/20.  We believe that we need to approach these diseases with more intelligence, heart, and humor.  

Please consider a tax deductible donation to support our 2014 efforts to educate people across the world about life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis…  WE CAN PICK OURSELVES UP AND THRIVE AFTER A TUMOR/CANCER DIAGNOSIS!