Featured MassKicker

Pooja Rajani

Never give up. No matter what.

Pooja Rajani is the latest Featured mAss Kicker from San Francisco, CA.  We met her through our contacts at Esperity and were impressed with her drive to use her social media skills in the international fight against cancer!  Pooja graduated with a Biochemistry degree from Old Dominion University (ODU) in 2008. She later went on to earn her Masters in Public Health (M.P.H.) from Eastern Virginia Medical School in 2010, and Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A) in 2014 from ODU.

mK: Thanks for doing this Pooja!  What is your relationship to tumors/cancer:
PR: In the past, I have volunteered at a facility that focused on cancer patients. I also observed an oncologist in the hospital treating and working with cancer patients.  Currently, I write content for a startup called Esperity, that focuses on improving the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers.

mK: How did you get involved with Esperity? What do you do?
PR: I met Mitchell, the CEO and Founder of Esperity at a Health 2.0 event here in San Francisco. He was presenting about the company and it struck a chord with me, based on my previous experiences. We connected and before you know it, I became a part of the team. Currently I manage their social media and write content for their blogs.

mK: Great!  What motivates you?
PR:  Good people and the triumph of the human spirit in tough times, motivates me. I am also motivated by the fact that there is so much left to accomplish in life. 

mK: So, who are your personal heroes?
PR: My mom, my dad, and my sister are my personal heroes. I have seen them endure hardship, and continue to keep going on. I have learned a lot from them, and their perseverance keeps me going.

mK: What makes you laugh, cry, angry?
PR: I cry at the injustices that I see everyday. I am angry that we continue to let injustices, prejudices, and fear rule us.

P.G. Wodehouse makes me laugh. My friends, my family, and my dog make me laugh. They truly know how to brighten my day.

mK: What would you say is the most interesting thing you’ve ever done?
PR: I have done yoga on a paddleboard. Interesting experience, not sure if I’d repeat it though 😉

mK: Based on what you’ve observed, what is the toughest challenge a survivor faces?
PR: I can not imagine what it must be like to be a survivor. But the thing that I would even consider to be the toughest challenge would be to return to a life of “normalcy”.

mK: What is your guilty pleasure?
PR: “Grey’s Anatomy” 🙂

mK:  If you found a book in your parents house and started reading.  You discover the book and start flipping through it. It is about you and completely describes every detail in your life thus far.  Do you read ahead?
PR:  No. I don’t (It would be very hard, but I wouldn’t do it). Life has a way of unfolding in a beautiful way, and no matter what the ups and downs are, I would like to face them without knowing the outcomes.

mK: What are you up to now?
PR: When I am not busy reading, I am busy exploring and hiking Northern California as much as possible.

mK: Any advice for people or loved ones that get daunting diagnoses?
PR: This is tough one. I would hug them and tell them that they are not alone. And that they shouldn’t hesitate to ask for help.

mK: Tell us something about yourself that people probably didn’t know… anything.
PR:  I am a yoga instructor and  Dr. Zhivago” is one of my favorite books.

mK: Any parting words for all the mAss Kickers?
PR: Never give up. No matter what.

Pooja Rajani:  Book lover, hiker, Grey’s Anatomy addict, Dr. Zhivago fan, yoga instructor, and a very dedicated cancer survivor advocate.  Check out Esperity when you get the chance.  Thanks again Pooja!  We’re excited to watch Esperity grow.

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