People Living With Cancer, South Africa

Wednesday, February 1, 2017
By, MassKickers

People Living with Cancer (PLWC) is a survivor-driven umbrella organisation in South Africa that is responsible for various cancer projects which focus on awareness, education, care and support, as well as advocacy activities. The organisation has developed guidelines that are aligned with international protocols, and in so doing, has equipped the organisation with one of the most established volunteer psycho-social programs in the country. The passionate volunteers of PLWC participate in the ‘Journey of Cancer’ which includes initiatives pre – Cancer, during Cancer treatment as well as post Cancer treatment activation

PLWC has 4 awareness campaigns:
1. Cancer.vive
2. Love your Nuts
3. Ride for Skin Cancer
4. The Cancer Dojo

Our Support services
1. The Cancer Buddies Project
2. Coverdale Interim Home

Advocacy Intervention
• PLWC lobbies on behalf of their member projects for better Cancer services delivery and cost effective chemotherapy to be available to all South Africans in SA. We assist in formal and informal stakeholder meetings that address critical Cancer issues for example:
• The PLWC Photo Voice Advocacy research project has been ethically approved by the Medical Research Council of South Africa. The preliminary results have been presented at numerous events in SA and internationally and is paving the way for innovative Advocacy actions in the near future.
• Lobbying on behalf of all members for a comprehensive cancer plan for South Africa.
• Eliminating the stigma that is still attached to cancer in the South African community.
• Lobbying to address poor services delivery to cancer patients attending government hospitals countrywide.
• Liaising with the government regarding improvements of legislation around cancer care in South Africa.

Educational Programmes:
• PLWC partners with private companies nationally in the presentation of wellness days, focusing on cancer awareness and early detection with the emphasis on the ‘shy’ cancers (breast-, cervical-, ovarian-, colon-, testicular- and prostate cancers).

• The Cancer.vive initiative has enabled volunteers to reach out and make a difference in their own communities. Raynolda Makhutle is one of our ‘star’ survivors who has touched thousands with her humble approach. This amazing woman has volunteered her time to our cause by spending her days in the community clinics and hospitals around Gauteng, educating people on early detection and giving support to patients around her.
• In 2013 – 2016, she personally came face to face with over 80 000 people.
• This inspiring woman and dedicated activist has now become a member of the Cancer.vive management team and is a full time employee.
• In 2016, The Baragwanath Hospital Batho-Pele program partnered with Cancervive and also employed the services of Raynolda to train volunteers who in turn visit communities in Johannesburg, to raise awareness as well as identify potential cancer patients who can be fast-tracked from primary to secondary health care facilities at Baragwanath Hospital. This is to encourage early detection, which is pivotal in enabling patients to get treatment before cancer advances.

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