October 25, 2011 is International Tumors Suck Day

Tuesday, October 16, 2012
By, masskickers

San Diego, CA On October 25, 2011 an energetic group of tumor/cancer “thrivers” gathered at Seau’s the Restaurant in Mission Valley San Diego to celebrate life and encourage others to battle an intimidating tumor/cancer diagnosis with a little swagger!  Breast cancer, brain tumor, lymphoma survivors gathered together along with their loved ones to celebrate life and gather support in batling these horrible diseases.  mAss Kickers Foundation, a new nonprofit in San Diego, CA strives to provide support and motion for ALL newly diagnosed tumor/cancer patients and their loved ones.  mAss Kickers Foundation founder, Eric Galvez states, “Our strategy is to focus on raising awareness (the TUMORS SUCK! CAMPAIGN) and using that attention to support tumor/cancer relelated research (USE THE K.U.R.E. CAMPAIGN.) Before I was diagnosed with a non-malignant brain tumor I was treating patients as a physical therapist and was interested in the research component of rehabilitation.  My interest in research has shifted to oncology rehabilitation for obvious reasons.”

Fellow brain tumor survivor, Matt Cotcher from Austin, Texas has joined forces with Galvez to create a unique, attention getting awareness campaign in the month of October called “Rock Da Hawk in Hawktober“. Hawktober is month where men, women, and children can show support for brain tumor patients by styling their hair in a mohawk or faux-hawk.  People have been rocking hawks from New England to California to show support for brain tumor patients.  A mohawk is a perfect way to gather support in preparation for an epic battle for your your life. TUMORS SUCK! is a unique approach to survivorship that will stimulate people to become proactive in their personal physical and emotional rehabiltation when dealing with an intimidating diagnosis.

Check out the video from the event in San Diego!

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