Unique November Awareness Campaigns

Wednesday, November 25, 2015
By, masskickers

November is now known as facial hair growing month AKA “Movember” or “NoShaveNovember”!  These unique November Awareness Campaigns always make me laugh because it a very unique way for people to get  involved in cancer advocacy… Want to support a cause?  Grow a mustache or don’t shave for a month… very easy for people to do… brilliant!  It made me smile the second I heard about this unique form of awareness because it is outrageous enough to garner attention, yet easy to do.   Check out our team, the “Island of Misfit Mos“.  We are a unique group of people participating in “Movember” and “NoShaveNovember”.  We all gave our facial hair a nickname…  hee hee hee… If you have facial hair.. JOIN US!  Give it a name!


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