TEAM mAss Kickers Foundation Promotes “Thrivership”

Monday, February 15, 2016
By, masskickers

mAss Kickers Foundation Leadership

Board of Directors

Dr. Eric Galvez
Dr. Dean Ho
  Dr. Ed Chow
  Dr. Pieter Eichhorn
  Sean Lapham
  Andrew Wlodyga

Event Organizers

I.  Michigan Paintball Benefit : Angel Bureau

II.  Charity Kickball Tournament: San Diego Area Physical Therapy/Physical Therapy Assistant Programs and Physical Rehabilitation Professionals/Clinics

III.  “How to Kick mAss International Education Series” organizers:
Damian Del Rio, Dr. Gia B. Sison, Marjeri Smith, Ashley Piaskowski, Douglas Carey, Natalie Conforti, Laura Bleich

IV.  mAss Kickers website content contributors:
Claire Snyman, Katie Brown, Natalie Conforti, Eden Lackey, Becky MacKenzie, Christine Pechera, Lauren Levi, Marjeri Smith, Ashley PiaskowskiErad le Beau de Hemricourt, Madappa Kundranda, Kayla Hutchinson, Rudy Mercado, Angelica Gutierrez, Elizabeth Cordero, Catherine Blotner, Jeremy Fisicaro, and many more.  Many individuals and organizations have been featured on

Do you want to get involved?  We are always looking for guest bloggers, people/organizations to highlight on our website, photographers/videographers, and creative people to help promote our “TUMORS SUCK!” Awareness Campaign.  Email us at “info(at)” to join a team that “Kicks mAss”!