mAss Kickers 2012 Holiday Challenge

Everyday a tumor or cancer patient faces different challenges that make life a little more difficult.  This holiday season we ask you to symbolically challenge yourself while promoting mAss Kickers Foundation’s mission to “provide support and motivation to newly diagnosed tumor/cancer patients and their loved ones.”  You can symbolically join their fight by declaring a personal challenge to support them.  Think of it as an “early new year’s resolution” with a charitable spin.  We are asking you to create a personal fundraising page and gather support from your family and friends for your personal challenge. 

All you need to do is click on the blue “BECOME A FUNDRAISER” button on the top right of this page AND declare…  

  1. Who you are honoring with this challenge,
  2. What you are doing
  3. Why you are doing this challenge, 
  4. How your friends/ family can support your challenge.

For example one might give up desserts in December to promote a healthy lifestyle to prevent the risk for cancer.  Or one might pledge to exercise at least 3 hours a week to honor a loved one’s fight against a tumor or cancer.  This campaign is only limited by your creativity.  Ask your friends and family to show support for your challenge

The funds raised from this campaign will:
 1.  support unique 2013 MKF events

  • a patient reseach seminar in San Diego,
  • a charity kickball tournament in San Diego,
  • a paintball benefit in Michigan,
  • INTERNATIONAL TUMORS SUCK DAY an international campaign, and
  • a NEW EVENT: a survivor speaking tour to the Philippines/Japan

2.   support tumor/cancer research via Stand Up 2 Cancer in 2013, and

3.  support MKF’s vision to empower individuals to be proactive in the struggle against tumors and cancer.  

mAss Kickers Foundation is looking to secure our first official office space in 2013.  That is a HUGE STEP!  YOU CAN BE A PART OF THE NEXT PHASE OF MASS KICKERS FOUNDATION!

Tumors Suck stickers will be mailed to you upon creation of a fundraising page.  These unique stickers are a reminder of why you are taking up this challenge. PLEASE SHARE YOUR PHOTOS WITH US ON FACEBOOK