Inaugural mAss Charity KickBall Tournament 2012

We’ve learned that tumor/cancer survivorship needs a little more “attitude”, AKA “thrivership.”  mAss Kickers Foundation (MKF) was born out of the necessity to supply those affected by tumors/cancer with that attitude.  MKF has grown leaps and bounds since we were created, but we still want the newly diagnosed tumor/cancer patient to feel a little less scared after hearing difficult news.  One of the first things a newly diagnosed tumor/cancer patient loses is confidence.  To make up for that loss, we figured out that Attitude = Confidence.  More importantly, we learned that an individual’s confidence can be strengthened though UNITY.  We decided a Charity Kickball Tournament would be a fun way to support newly diagnosed patients.  We will be hosting this event at Liberty Station in San Diego, CA on 5-19-12 from 8:30AM-4PM.   Registration is at 8:30.  Games start at 9:30 with round robin play to determine seeding. Championship bracket play begins after lunch.  This will be the inaugural event, so we need your support to ensure it’s success. 

Please consider a tax-deductible donation in order to support our efforts to assist everyone affected by a new tumor/cancer diagnosis. FOR MORE DETAILS ON HOW TO SUPPORT THE MKF KICKBALL TOURNAMENT, CLICK HERE!

ANNOUNCEMENT: ++All teams will break for lunch between 12:30-1:30PM. Our featured food truck My Urban Eats will be stationed in the parking lot from between 11:30-1:30PM to serve hungry players and participants. ++Urban Eats is a community oriented Gourmet Food Truck focused on “Fresh Affordable Fare”. Urban Eats delivers honest food at a good value, utilizing local ingredients and enterprising healthy consumption.

If you can’t make a donation at this point, help us reach our goal by sharing this page on Facebook and Twitter!  Please send a personal e-mail sharing this page to the friends who maybe be interested in supporting our cause. Thanks so much for your generosity! About mAss Kickers Foundation mAss Kickers Foundation takes pride in providing tumor/cancer patients & their loved ones with a “puglistic” attitude to fight this intimidating diagnosis! Together, we can build a strong support group and defeat these horrible diseases. We call it “Tumor/Cancer Thrivership with Attitude.”