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Dan Dean on the mKF Hot Seat

"Trust your intuition."

We are trying something new.  We are putting leaders in the world of cancer advocacy/research on the “mAss Kickers Foundation Hot Seat” to illustrate the that they are ordinary individuals who step up and do extraordinary things.  We want to show that these people are just like you and that everyone has the potential to do something great.  We put them on the “Hot Seat” to learn about the PERSON behind these extraordinary individuals.  You could be next on “the Hot Seat”!

Dan Dean is the first person to sit on the mKF Hot Seat. Dan is the founder of M Powerment based in Illinois, USA. He has a very diverse professional background.  He has prior experience in content writing, comedy improve, health promotion, television, coaching track, university public relations, as a chef in the restaurant industry, a non profit board of directors for a jazz orchestra, and was an actor in commercials.  We are honored to have this non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma thriver join us in the mKF Hot Seat.

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