Critical Mass Atlanta 2012

Thursday, November 15, 2012
By, masskickers

November 7-9, 2012, Atlanta, Georgia: USA  Critical Mass, The Young Adult Cancer Alliance. Annual Conference.  We were again blown away by the unique display of UNITY between the leaders in:

  1. cancer advocacy organizations,
  2. oncology scientists, and
  3. oncology healthcare professionals.

The purpose of the gathering was to address the unique needs of young adult tumor and cancer patients!  The event started with a mixer in the hotel after everyone arrived to register for the event.  On Thursday,  the conference was kicked off with a Keynote from NY Times blogger and Young Adult  Cancer  Patient, Suleika Jaouad.  Throughout the day there were sessions on:

  • Insurance for young adults,
  • fertility issues,
  • current young adult cancer clinical research/psycho social/support services presentations, and
  • oncology programming models.

The day ended with an informal social event at an off- site venue.  This is where relationships are created or solidified and the seeds for “real” interaction between organizations are planted.  The following morning, the day was opened by Benjamin Rubenstein and highlighted by discussions addressing genomics, collaboration, and resources for patients.  We are excited to see how the relationships built from the conference will address the unmet needs of the young adult tumor/cancer patient population.  mAss Kickers Foundation is proud to be a part of this unique collaboration!

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    What a great event to collaborate!

    • Arnaud

      Hi it’s been a while since i posted a conmmet here trying to catch up once again. As for this fascinating, yet naturally unsuprising study, i’m wondering to what degree providing an enhanced stimulating environment, which i assume mainly provides conditions more closely resembling those encountered in the real life mice and men and women and kids evolved for, qualifies as an art’isitic environment. I read part of the study and didn’t find an answer beyond it seeming to show that giving the captives a more normal active life is better for the immune system. So far it seems intellectually and physically stimulating, rather than art -oriented. No?