Wednesday, March 11, 2015
By, Robyn Stoller

Created and led by outspoken advocate and visionary Robyn Stoller, The CancerHawk Foundation makes cancer its prey by empowering patients and caregivers with knowledge and insights to navigate their evolving treatment and recovery needs.

In 2009, Robyn learned that navigating cancer treatment is as challenging and confusing as the disease itself. It was then that her husband Alan decided to have what had been previously been diagnosed as a lipoma in his arm removed. It was not until it had been fully removed that the correct diagnosis of pleomorphic rhabdomysarcoma was found. By that time, the cancer had already metastasized to Alan’s lungs and aggressive treatment had to begin immediately. One year after Alan was diagnosed, he passed away at the age of 47.

Inspired by her husband, Robyn created CancerHawk, a nonprofit organization whose fervent mission is to make the services, products and expertise needed to fight and survive cancer sharply visible to patients and caregivers who do not have the experience or time to search for the resources they need. One of the most award-winning and well-known resources for cancer fighters, is where patients, caregivers and healthcare providers benefit from Robyn’s relentless discovery of new knowledge to help families meet their personalized financial, travel, support and survivorship needs.

And, Robyn is proud to announce that launching spring 2015, the CancerHawk Navigator database will allow people to quickly and easily connect with resources based on their specific cancer diagnosis, stage of disease, state of residence, age and gender.

Although Robyn stumbled upon some useful resources during her journey, she has since come to learn that there is so much more help available than she ever knew existed. Knowing such information earlier could have been a game changer or at least made the process a little easier.

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