Art Bra – Austin Texas USA

Thursday, June 4, 2015
By, masskickers

There are many forms of raising awareness and money for cancer. Here in Austin, Texas one of the most amazing fundraisers is Art Bra Austin, where the Breast Cancer Resource Center puts on this gala every year. It is a chance for breast cancer survivors to have a night of glamour and grace as a model on a runway stage! Local artists make these amazing bras! Every model is a survivor who gets to model these amazing pieces on the runway as they are auctioned off. The proceeds goes to BCRC and helps our women locally. So you know where your money is going. With breast cancer you are stripped away of everything as a woman. Losing your hair, your breasts, your dignity and confidence. You feel ugly and empty. But on this night you are an amazing warrior, superstar! You are reminded that you are beautiful amidst the scars. Beautiful because of the scars! For one night you actually forget the battle and the heartache caused by this ugly disease. It is liberating! You feel beautiful, strong and brave! And nobody there judges you or makes you feel less than you are. You are a superstar! Through your battle, it is hard not to ask why me. It is hard to stay positive with everything you have endured. But it is moments like these that shows you the blessings that come from the tragedies placed upon you. When someone comes up to you who is newly diagnosed and tells you that you are an inspiration and that your strength and confidence has impacted them and changed their way of thinking. Then it makes all that hell worth it. So I will walk that stage once again with my beautiful courageous sisters! Now you know about Art Bra! Hope to see you next year!!!

by Eden Lackey