mAss Kickers Foundation Logos/Campaigns

There is a lot of symbolism behind the mAss Kickers Foundation Logos. These are the secrets behind the MKF logos.

I. mAss Kickers Foundation Logo

The “m” is de-emphasized on purpose in order to take the focus off the “mass”.  We should shift the focus to being “a$$ kickers”. The mAss Kickers logo and tagline “this ain’t no pity party” promote a “little attitude” that is lost with an intimidating diagnosis. We foster Unity with Attitude in the fight against ALL tumor masses. The logo represents the attitude that must be present to effectively battle all tumor/cancer masses.


II. Campaigns

Rock Da Hawk Use the K.U.R.E. Tumors Suck!

The Rock Da Hawk “support campaign” was designed to SHOW SUPPORT for an individual battling a tumor mass.

The Use the K.U.R.E. “action campaign” was designed to EMPOWER all those touched by tumors or cancer with a strategy to fight back against these horrible diseases.

The TUMORS SUCK! “awareness campaign” was designed to UNIFY all those touched by tumors or cancer

When the “Rock Da Hawk” logo and the “Tumors Suck” logo are placed next to each other, the shape of “Hawk” and “Lumpy” form: the letter “K” and the shape of the “M” in the mAss Kickers logo which form the hidden message  “K”ick “Mass” 


III. Icons

Brain Tumor/Cancer Thyroid Cancer Melanoma & Skin Cancer
Sarcoma and Bladder Cancer Prostate Cancer Lymphoma
Lung Cancer Gynecologic Cancer Testicular Cancer
Leukemia Colo-rectal Cancer Breast Cancer

Thoughout the website, you will see different color variations on the “mAss logo.” The different colors represent the different diagnosis with the colors of the corresponding awareness ribbon. For example pink is breast cancer, gray is brain tumor/cancer, green is lymphoma, etc. They are different colors but the logo is still the same, symbolizing a underlying unity between all types of tumors/cancer. These logos indicate content on the website associated with a specific diagnosis.  In the wise words of Sesame Street, we are “Different but the Same”.


IV.  Social media campaigns

A.  #TumorsSuckTuesday
The confusion and fear associated with a new tumor/cancer diagnosis is experienced by ALL.  In an attempt to alleviate this new confusion and fear, we designed the TUMORS SUCK awareness campaign.  It is a different approach to tumor/cancer survivorship, it is the first step in “post treatment thrivership”.  mAss Kickers Foundation supports a little attitude in the fight against these diseases!  We believe that “Attitude ,” when properly harnessed can foster both unity and confidence in the battle against tumors/cancer.  Anyone can participate in this unique awareness campaign!  JOIN US!  Print out the logo AND SHARE A PICTURE WITH US ON FACEBOOK! Use the hashtag #TumorsSuckTuesday to label and share your pictures on social media sites like facebook, twitter, instagram, etc!


B.  #mAssKickersWednesday
Share anything on social media: twitter, facebook, instagram, etc that KICKS MASS (promotes the fight against all forms of tumors or all forms of cancer) with a little attitude with the hashtag #mAssKickersWednesday!


Use Knowledge
Promote Unity
Support Research