Eric’s Welcome

A message from Eric Galvez DPT, Founder, Executive Director

Welcome to! As the power of the Internet provides more information about one’s new diagnosis, the need for a website geared towards the newly diagnosed patient and his/her loved ones has emerged.  Patients are continually looking for information online. is a very unique website. It is almost exactly everything I was looking for when I was first diagnosed with a meningioma, brain tumor in Oct 2005.  In the logo, the “m” de-emphasized represents the idea that we should move the focus from the “mass” and shift the focus to becoming “a$$ kickers”.  The logo is meant to elicit a “pugilistic”/fighting approach to survivorship or what we call “thrivership.” mAss Kickers Foundation (MKF) combines a pugilistic attitude, unique website content, and supports all individuals and organizations that are aligned with our mission.

MKF utilizes three campaigns in the war on tumors/cancer.

1. MKF has an awareness campaign called “TUMORS SUCK!” that unites all those touched by tumors and cancer.  All that it requires is sharing/tagging a unique picture of the TUMORS SUCK logo on MKF social media sites like facebook and twitter.

2. MKF also has an action campaign“Use the K.U.R.E.”, designed to empower those touched by tumors and cancer with a strategy to fight back against these horrible diseases. We believe that to see tangible results in the war on tumors/cancer, we should “Use the K.U.R.E.” when dealing with an intimidating tumor/cancer diagnosis. Use KNOWLEDGE, Promote UNITY, and Support RESEARCH to EMPOWER YOURSELF. “Use the K.U.R.E.”  is an excellent strategy to combat any diagnosis for people currently dealing with a tumor/cancer because ALL TUMORS SUCK!  A “clenched fist” is a gesture used by mAss Kickers TO FIGHT TUMORS/CANCER.

3.  MKF has a support campaign “Rock Da Hawk”, designed to show support for an individual battling a tumor mass by encouraging supporters to style their hair in an attention grabbing mohawk/ faux hawk.  A mohawk is an attention getting symbol of solidarity for someone battling a tumor/cancer.  The campaign promotes “Tumor Thrivership” in the battle against these diseases.

Please take a look around the updated website.  I am very excited about this website because I think it has very good potential to help a lot of people and unite all the “mAss Kickers” in the fight against tumors/cancer. Thank you for your support. ARE YOU A mASS KICKER? LET’S START KICKING mASS!

Eric Anthony Galvez DPT

Founder and Executive Director of mAss Kickers Foundation