The Story Behind MKF

Eric Galvez graduated from the University of Michigan-Flint in 2003 with a Doctor of Physical Therapy Degree. 23 months later, he was diagnosed with a meningioma brain tumor. In the following months he had brain surgery, radiation therapy on his brain, and months of rehabilitation with his former co-workers. In 2007 he published the First Edition of Reversal: When A Therapist Becomes A Patient and started an advocacy movement on facebook called “TUMORS SUCK!”.  100% of royalties on the book/digital book sales of Reversal:  When A Therapist Becomes A Patient go to mAss Kickers Foundation.

Dr. Galvez has explored many different avenues to express his disdain for all types of tumors. He has walked 5Ks to help raise awareness, traveled the United States speaking about his unique experiences as a healthcare professional turned patient at universities, colleges, and hospitals, and supported numerous charitable organizations sharing the Mission of mAss Kickers Foundation.

The “TUMORS SUCK!” Facebook group has evolved into mAss Kickers Foundation. As Dr. Galvez continues to evolve, mAss Kickers Foundation will continue to evolve.

At an event before the official creation of mAss Kickers Foundation at University of California, Berkeley…

Dr. Galvez and a small group of post treatment “thrivers”  are available to speak through mAss Kickers Foundation’s “How to Kick mAss” educational program about living a proactive life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis using the “K.U.R.E.”.  We have spoken all across the United States and internationally in the Philippine, South Korea, Singapore, Belgium, and South Africa educating: survivors, their loved ones, healthcare students, and healthcare professionals about “thriving” after an intimidating tumor/cancer diagnosis.

We are available for speaking engagements in North America throughout the year.  We are actively pursuing speaking engagements around the world outside of North America to spread our message of post tumor/cancer treatment “thrivership” and combat the negative stigma of a tumor/cancer diagnosis as a death sentence.  A tax deductible donation to mAss Kickers Foundation will assist in the travel expenses for “post-treatment thrivers” selected to lecture on these trips and fund unique events throughout the year.   We promote a “fighting/pugilistic approach” to life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis!  For booking and detailed inquiries contact us at