2016 mAss Kickers Foundation Video

Tuesday, June 28, 2016
By, MassKickers

Check out the 2016 mAss Kickers Foundation Video:

Post-Oncology-Treatment Thrivership needs a little attitude!  “This ain’t no pity party”

2016 Tumors Suck Part 4:The Light

2016 Tumors Suck Part 3b:Tumors Suck Paintball Benefit Slideshow

2016 Tumors Suck Part 3a:Tumors Suck Paintball Benefit Interviews

2016 Tumors Suck Part 2

2016 Tumors Suck Part 1

2016 Hawk vs Lumpy Part 1


About mAss Kickers Foundation:

mAss Kickers Foundation Campaigns

-Rock Da Hawk Support Campaign
-Use the K.U.R.E. Action Campaign
-TUMORS SUCK! Awareness Campaign

mAss Kickers Foundation Programs

-“How To Kick mAss” Educational Series
– TC RAM: Tumor/Cancer Research And Me*

mAss Kickers Foundation Unity Events

-TUMORS SUCK! Paintball Benefit
-mAss Kickers Foundation Charity Kickball Tournament
-mAss Kickers Foundation Celebration of Life
mAss Kickers Foundation Diagnosis Specific Logos

-Breast Cancer
-Brain Tumor
-Thyroid Cancer
-Prostate Cancer
-Gynecologic Cancer
-Testicular Cancer
-Lung Cancer
-Skin Cancer
-Bladder Cancer
-Colo-rectal Cancer


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