2016 mAss Kickers Foundation Holiday Campaign

Tuesday, November 22, 2016
By, masskickers

About the mAss Kickers Foundation Holiday Campaign

We’re promoting a proactive life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis (post-treatment “thrivership”). Our mission is to provide support and motivation to newly diagnosed oncology patients and their loved ones.

We created this holiday campaign for everyone to contribute at various impact levels. Be sure to review the ways you can make an impact and please share this page with your family and friends.

Your involvement is critical to our success to educate the world about a proactive life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis. Thank you again for your help.


Your donation will support mAss Kickers Foundation activities in 2017. From your donations alone, we have taken the “How To Kick mAss”  Thrivership Education program to Japan, Philippines, Singapore, Belgium, and most recently South Africa!  We have plans in the works for more international thriver presentations as well as funding our unique events!  Stay tuned!


mAss Kickers Supporter $25

This is a great way to show your support for mAss Kickers Foundation.


Active mAss Kicker $50

We will mail you Tumors Suck stickers to post on #TumorsSuckTuesday via Facebook, twitter, instagram. We will put your picture in a future Tumors Suck video. Everyone LOVES stickers!


Varsity mAss Kicker $100

We will mail you Tumors Suck stickers AND a mAss Kickers T-shirt to start 2017. We will contact you for your shirt size.


Professional mAss Kicker $200

We will mail you Tumors Suck stickers, 2 mAss Kickers T-shirts, AND highlight you on our website!


mAss Kicking Superstar $500

We will mail you Tumors Suck stickers, 4 mAss Kickers T-shirts, AND interview you as a “Featured mAss Kicker” on www.mAssKickers.org


Thank you for all your support in the past.  We are very excited for the direction we are heading!  Please consider a tax deductible donation and join us on this exciting journey!  If you would like to get more involved with mAss Kickers Foundation please contact info(at)mAssKickers.org

About mAss Kickers Foundation

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