2016 How to Kick mAss, South Africa recruitment

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
By, masskickers

Interested in traveling to South Africa November 7- 16 with mAss Kickers Foundation to promote “post oncology treatment thrivership“?

We are looking for at least 2 male/2 female post treatment thrivers to go on this trip. The MKF Board of Directors will determine the attendees based on your essays. We are looking for a 500 word minimum essay that addresses:

  1. how you found out about your diagnosis
  2. the date/type of latest tumor/cancer diagnosis
  3. your activities after your tumor/cancer diagnosis
  4. your public speaking experience (we will be doing public speaking/presentations)
  5. your involvement in tumor/cancer advocacy post treatment
  6. why you want to attend this trip

*public speaking is a very important skill to have on this trip we will take into strong consideration online facebook/youtube/vine videos.  Please provide links to your social media.

There is no medical staff traveling with us, so we will need a note from your physician giving you medical clearance to travel abroad.

The trip will cost ~$2000/person, so you will be responsible for fundraising OR paying for at least half of the expenses. We are looking at flying on Delta airlines and staying in The City Centre area of CapeTown in either the Hilton or Marriott. It is a 24 hour flight from California to Cape Town via Europe! There is also talk of going on an optional African Safari afterwards that we be paid for out of pocket.

Essays will be due Sun August 28 at 8PM PST/11PM EST. Participants will collaborate and determine recreational activities for the trip!  We will be conducting interviews and filming video throughout the trip!  LET’S TEACH THE WORLD HOW TO KICK MASS!  Please email info(at)masskickers.org if interested.

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