2016 How To Kick mAss, South Africa

Friday, August 19, 2016
By, masskickers

Did you know…

The World Health Organization estimates that global cancer diagnoses will rise from 14 million to 22 million people per year by 2035.

How you can help

Last year we were able to educate patients and future healthcare professionals all over the world about a proactive life after an intimidating tumor/cancer diagnosis on the generosity of your donations.  HERE IS A SUMMARY OF WHAT WE DID LAST YEAR!  We were able to do presentations at colleges/universities and hospitals across the United States of America. For the first time we were able to spread our message of “post-treatment thriversip” over seas in Brussels, Belgium.  TOO MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD BELIEVE THAT A TUMOR/CANCER DIAGNOSIS IS A DEATH SENTENCE.  In 2016, we are planning on going halfway around the world to Cape Town, South Africa from November 7- 16 to do presentations and spread the message that a tumor/cancer diagnosis is not always a death sentence.  We are already planning to do more travel internationally to spread our message of “post-treatment thrivership”.

We have been highlighting extraordinary people, articles, and more cool stuff that embodies the SPIRIT of mAss Kickers Foundation.  Please visit our website to find these unique interviews/articles.  We believe that we need to approach these diseases with more intelligence, heart, and humor.  

Please make a secure tax deductible donation AND share this page with your family, friends, and anyone who has been touched by these diseases. Help us destroy the international stigma that a tumor/cancer diagnosis is a death sentence!  We will send you TUMORS SUCK stickers with a donation of at least $20 and put you in a Tumors Suck video.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR PLANS TO PROMOTE POST TREATMENT “THRIVERSHIP” INTERNATIONALLY!  We are meeting survivors and thrivers all over the world!

Please consider a donation click on the button to help us educate people in Cape Town, South Africa about “post treatment thrivership” AND give 4 survivors a unique experience on the other side of the world 








About this nonprofit

At mAss Kickers Foundation, we provide support and motivation to all newly-diagnosed patients, family, and friends affected by tumors/cancer. Our vision is to be the first website newly diagnosed tumor/cancer patients and their loved ones visit for information, inspiration, and a pugilistic attitude after getting an intimidating tumor or cancer diagnosis.  We promote a proactive lifestyle after a tumor/cancer diagnosis.

mAss Kickers Foundation’s Campaigns and Activities


“How to Kick mAss” Speaking series
2013 Tokyo, Japan/Manilla, Philippines
2014 Sinapore, Singapore
2015 Brussels, Belgium

EVENTS: Celebration of Life, MKF Kickball, TUMORS SUCK Paintball, Tumor/Cancer Research and Me 

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