2015 “How to Kick mAss” Educational Series, Belgium

Wednesday, August 19, 2015
By, masskickers

2015 “How to Kick mAss” Educational Series, Belgium:

Did you know… The World Health Organization estimates that global cancer diagnoses will rise from 14 million to 22 million people per year by 2035.

How you can help:  We are taking post treatment tumor/cancer thrivers to speak to patients, healthcare students, and healthcare professionals about a proactive life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis. We have spoken at universities and hospitals across the United States and over seas in the Philippines, Singapore, and Hawaii. We want to educate the world about life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis and show that there is still life after a diagnosis.

mAss Kickers Foundation (MKF) is sponsoring four American cancer survivors on an “education mission” to Brussels, Belgium from September 1 to September 8. These four survivors will team up with the Belgium-based global social networking platform, Esperity to promote a proactive lifestyle after treatment, AKA “cancer thrivership”. There are plans to present to medical students and various Belgian cancer support networks: the Dance School for Survivors, Foundation Against Cancer, Anticancer Fund, Bordet Institute, and Komop Tegen Kanke (a Flemish Cancer Organization). These four American survivors will be documenting their trip via social media with the hashtag #2015MKFinEurope.

mAss Kickers Foundation Executive Director, brain tumor survivor, and San Diego resident, Dr. Eric Galvez says “We firmly believe that the global stigma of a tumor/cancer diagnosis as a death sentence needs to be addressed and that ‘tumor/cancer thrivers’ can be ambassadors of hope in dispelling the belief that cancer is automatically a death sentence. This is an excellent opportunity for survivors to share their stories of ‘post treatment thrivership’ with survivors who may be ashamed of their situation.”

San Jose resident and testicular cancer survivor, Douglas Carey adds, “You have to take care of yourself even if it’s uncomfortable, awkward or embarrassing. I know I still feel this way during my doctor appointments. It has gotten easier as I’ve established that relationship with my doctors, but it is still uncomfortable for me to this day.”

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor, Laura Bleich states, “I am very excited for the opportunity to go to Europe and share with other what I’ve done during and post treatments that shows that a cancer diagnosis IS NOT a death sentence.”

San Francisco resident and 3-time Cancer survivor, Natalie Conforti is very excited for this unique trip.“In my twenty years of cancer survivorship I have found nothing more helpful than being able to connect with other survivors, and look forward to connecting with cancer survivors from around the world.”

“This European Tour fits into Esperity’s mission of connecting cancer patients and caregivers on a global level, aiming at promoting the importance of lifestyle and its impact on quality of life. Esperity also brings cancer patients closer to clinical trials by assisting patients in finding the right trial, besides empowering patients to exchange experiences on their patient journey to reduce social isolation.” states Esperity Co-Founder and CEO, Mitchell Silva

The main goal of mAss Kickers Foundation on these trips is to change perceptions about tumor / cancer diagnoses throughout the world by traveling with “Thrivers” to promote a proactive lifestyle post treatment.

Please share this page with your family, friends, and anyone who has been touched by these diseases to help us destroy the international stigma that a tumor/cancer diagnosis is a death sentence!  We will send you TUMORS SUCK stickers with a donation of at least $20 and put you in a Tumors Suck video.  PLEASE SUPPORT OUR PLANS TO PROMOTE POST TREATMENT “THRIVERSHIP” INTERNATIONALLY!



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