2015 12 Days of Kick mAss

Sunday, December 13, 2015
By, masskickers

Please help us educate the world about a proactive life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis during the 12 Days of Kick mAss.  The past 3 years we have taken “post-treatment oncology thrivers” to Tokyo (Japan), Manila (Philippines), Yongsan Garrison (S. Korea), Singapore, and Brussels (Belgium) to meet with cancer organizations, health care students/health care professionals, and tumor/cancer patients.  We have plans to go to South Africa in 2016 and may plan more trips if we can raise more than $8000!  $2000 will support one thriver on these unique week long trips.  Post-treatment Thrivers are the perfect ambassadors for this program because they can share their personal experiences about how they dealt with combating these diseases and can show that a proactive life is possible after a tumor/cancer diagnosis.  These post treatment thrivers deserve the experience of a lifetime after fighting so hard.  Please help us share our experiences with people all over the world to let people know that there is life after a tumor/cancer diagnosis!  We will send you TUMORS SUCK stickers with a donation of at least $20 and put you in a Tumors Suck video!

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At mAss Kickers Foundation, we provide support and motivation to all newly-diagnosed patients, family, and friends affected by tumors/cancer. Our vision is to be the first website newly diagnosed tumor/cancer patients and their loved ones visit for information, inspiration, and a pugilistic attitude after getting an intimidating tumor or cancer diagnosis.  We promote a proactive lifestyle after a tumor/cancer diagnosis.

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